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Another one of those news that will end with her childhood: after discovering that all of the Rais that you have designed in life were wrong, now it is the turn of the raindrops. As you draw? Do the test: search now “rain drops” on Google. That appears?

Definitely multiple drops in the form of tears. But believe me Guilherme Arantes was wrong. Drops of water rain, so sad, No “Tears” of flooding. Its shape, in fact, is another: bread burger.

Well, less fluffy, and definitely less poetic than common sense that the “tears of St. Peter”. For many people, see box in a rainy day evoke sadness, nostalgia, and other things associated with strongly… tears. Maybe come from the relationship. Or not. Here only the difference.

Fortunately that science brings clear explanation and definitive solution to the real shape of rain drops. Or the best forms.

As soon as the drops fall from the sky, she comes to the stage first: ball.

Rain drop’s surface tension is too high – particles H2Os very coherent. And the power of the high – insists both that the molecules together, which forces them to get a form more “compact” as possible to that under the smaller surface area relative to volume. Therefore the council.

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This area, however, is not perfect. Because the drops fall at a very high speed (about 30 km/h on the regular), and are equivalent to deformation of the opposition forces.

Then begins the second “Shape” of the drop: freshly baked burger buns

One of the forces acting on the low gravity that push the particles down. On the other hand, there is the air resistance which tries to project the gravity and the pressure on the drops upward. The other is the air resistance that pushes upwards.

Crushed by the forces of the opposition, and cohesion of H2O don’t fight like council. She surrenders to The Shape of a loaf of bread burger.

This does not mean that all the drops will be of that form.

Drops larger than 6 to 7 mm, similar appearance. As they have more space, more with air resistance. If the ink is too large, in fact, this resistance ends up being so much so that it overcomes the will of the H2O molecules to stay together.

That is: the surface tension of a drop of rain does not stand. She ends up breaking into several drops, at least – and these, yes, they tend to be kind of “bread burger”.

It may seem silly, but the shape of the rain drops have various utilities, especially in the understanding of weather patterns. Measure the size of the drops, the speed, and the amount that falls during the rain it is necessary to relate the intensity of the rain with tragedies such as landslides and floods. Knowing the size of the diameter, for example, it is possible to measure the effect of soil erosion.

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To measure the parameters of these drops, it is the use of a tool called disdrômetro. It measures the size of rain drops and also is used to study hail.

But after all this, I don’t if martirize ever be able to draw a rain drop with The Shape of the tear. After all this is not all wrong. Tears, after all, has been the form of tears… because this is the form of large drops falling from the heights of the small, low speeds.

This includes all of the water that drips from their eyes, overwhelmed, a few drops from the plant towards the ground. It is also close to the surface of the earth, do not accelerate either by gravity, and does not suffer a lot of distortion from the ideal fantasy.

Any: in a utopian world, where falling from the sky drops you used to draw the child, it is necessary to desire Falamansa if you adhere to The decide to decline slowly.

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