A short film from the screens depicted on women and gender equality


The short depicts the violence and the killing of women in all social classes,

Students of 1 and 2 degrees of secondary unit granja de floor Rio Branco, have produced short videos to depict the theme “occupation” of the discussions in the English lessons about gender equality and the empowerment of women (gender equality and the empowerment of women) and the power of youth for change (youth force).

The project is led by Professor Sonia milks began in the first half, with the presentation of short films in several languages, animation, collage of photos, voice narration, scene scene, among other things. In this process, as was highlighted aspects such as the soundtrack, editing images, color images or black and white, concept, and goals.

In addition to the video which depicts the need for a culture of respect for women, violênciae killed the female, with the real cases that have occurred recently in Brazil, Other Works developed by students covering topics such as bullying, respect and inclusion.

imagem03-10-2018-22-10-22 imagem03-10-2018-22-10-22[/commentary]

Through this activity, it was possible to work with different skills present in the skill basis of a common national curriculum (BNCC) , the digital culture, empathy, cooperation, communication and critical thinking. The students had the opportunity to use the digital technologies of information and communication of serious morality, in addition to the practice of dialogue and respect between themselves and with human rights.

imagem03-10-2018-22-10-23 imagem03-10-2018-22-10-23[/commentary]

Videos that will be held in the exhibition of short films through social and cultural which is held in November.

Source: www.crb.g12.br



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